Car Wash Serving Mequon, Thiensville, Grafton, River Hills, and Lakefield.

Shiny and clean in three minutes, guaranteed. That is what Jilly’s Car Wash offers. Located in Mequon, WI, serving Milwaukee's North Shore area (including Mequon, Thiensville, Grafton, River Hills, and Lakefield), Jilly’s is a family owned carwash that values fast, friendly, and focused service.

Jilly’s Mequon Car Wash location offers the areas only belt car wash conveyor. This conveyor is like nothing you have seen before. Your car simply sits on a belt – no rollers, metal edge, or impossible targets to try and locate your car perfectly between. Jilly’s Mequon Car Wash offers the North Shore area’s only FREE (for all car wash customers) “do it yourself” vacuums, located on both sides of your vehicle. This makes it easy to clean all of the niches and crevices thoroughly. Along side of the vacuums are air blowers, towels, and bottles of window cleaner and carpet cleaner to make sure your car leaves clean, shiny, and dry.

Car washes range from $10 to $20, giving you four different options to fit any budget. And, don’t forget about our Unlimited Car Wash Packages, which give you unlimited car washes starting at only $24.99 a month.

At Jilly’s, Car Lovers Love Us!


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10829 N Port Washington Rd Mequon, WI 53092

  • Mon-Saturday | 7am-8:00pm
  • Sunday | 8am-7pm
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